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Buildcommerce - Ready project - Commercial Building
is a construction and investment company specializing in designing, building and selling apartment, office and retail areas in buildings and complexes with mixed purpose of use.

The partners in the company have many years’ experience in designing, building and development in the field of apartment and office construction. Their fruitful work over a period of 15 successful joined years has resulted in 18 buildings having a total gross floor area of 35 000 sq.m. erected in Sofia and Pleven.

The company policy is currently turned to investing in very prestigious regions of Sofia near Vitosha Blvd., Bulgaria Blvd., etc. We aim at cooperation with the best Bulgarian architects such as Atanas Panov and partners such as Knauf, Peri, Hörmann, Hilti, Schuco, Hunter Douglas, Devi, etc.

BUILD COMMERCE 2003 involves in construction projects using modern materials of high quality, new technologies and timely building of convenient infrastructure around its sites.

This is BUILD COMMERCE 2003 –
Maximum quality using new technologies at good prices!

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